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Wheelchair Dancing Opportunities


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We educate parents and teenagers...

...about the danger of drunk driving.

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The Walk and Roll Dance Team performances
inspire those with spinal cord injuries to recreatetheir dreams and live full lives within their reach.
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The emotional and physical changes

of a spinal cord injury

are unexplainable.

Our foundation is

here to help.


The Walk and Roll Foundation believes every person living with a disability should have an opportunity to turn limitations into opportunities. To do so, we have made it our mission to:

  • Educate parents and teenagers on distracted driving, acceptance of others and making healthy and positive choices through our Distinguished Speaker Program.

  • Inspire those with a different ability to recreate their dreams and live full lives, through ourWheelchair Dance Team performances, support groups and mentoring.

  • Provide advice and resources to help improve the quality of life for persons affected by a disability and their families.

  • Give individuals, with a disability, the chance to receive the semi-annual Chelsie Hill Grant award.


Chelsie's Interview